“From the past, the future takes shape.”

Hotel Astoria, one of the emblematic buildings among the hotels that met the high-class luxury needs of the era, opened its doors in March 1914. The impressive six-storey, 138-room hotel is located at the traffic junction named after it, near the Astoria, in the heart of the city centre and, in terms of its history, is an iconic point of Budapest. In its interior and inimitable atmosphere, it has retained its uniqueness and special atmosphere even after more than 100 years. The predecessor of today’s hotel, the Zrínyi Café and Inn, became one of the centres of literary life in Pest, a meeting place for politicians and artists.

We spice up the 100-year traditions of hospitality with a 21st century approach and dynamism. The classic café house offer and atmosphere is complemented by a high-quality a la carte offer and a culinary offer linked to the time of day. Our guests can enjoy the cosy atmosphere of pre-war coffee houses, also suitable for holding social events, and in our restaurant, while keeping the decades-long tradition and nurturing the roots of the past, we bring you the refined taste of the present, which faithfully reflects the style of Astoria.

The Café Astoria Restaurant offers a 10% discount on its a la carte menu prices for guests arriving with a valid Budapest Card. Buy a Budapest Card on the official website: budapest-card.com!